The Entire UK Top Replica Omega x Swatch Moonshine Gold Collection Watches For Sale, Together At Last

If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that briefcases hold important, valuable things. Gold, gadgets, unmarked bills, classified documents, diamonds, whatever John Travolta laid his eyes on in Pulp Fiction, et cetera.

And now, a complete collection of perfect UK replica Omega x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold watches.

For a new project with Sotheby’s, the buzzy watch collaboration has created 11 briefcases (or ‘suitcases’, which is what the Swiss watch marques want us to call them) that each contains all 11 AAA best Omega fake watches that bear a 18k Moonshine Gold seconds hand. And yes, that does include the fan favourite ‘blue moon’ Omega copy watches wholesale.

The briefcases will be auctioned on between 12-24 February. But before that, you can check them out by visiting 1 of 11 Omega boutiques around the world.

Which brings us to the difference between each. Every briefcase is complete with a unique coin that’s embellished with a 3-letter aviation code chosen to represent the city it’s displayed in.

For instance, the briefcase displayed in the Fifth Avenue boutique in New York is finished with a coin that reads ‘JFK’ (pictured below). And we imagine the one discoverable in the Regent Street, London, store will come with a coin that reads ‘LHR’, ‘LCY’ or ‘LGW’ (the odds are high on ‘LTN’).

The code will also be engraved on the side of all of the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster watches, making each timepiece one-of-a-kind.

And now for the best bit… the proceeds will be donated to charity! Orbis International, to be specific, a long-time friend of high quality Omega fake watches‘ that fights avoidable blindness and vision across the world.

Now that’s a real reason to bid.

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