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When we released Volume 10 of Hodinkee Magazine, we did so with a traditional Reference Points installment. The subject for that issue was the Royal Oak. When we released the video for that story we did so with a bit of explanation – for the Royal Oak was more than just a singular reference, but more an entire saga of horology. With Volume 12 now out, it is time to release another iteration of Reference Points in a similar fashion. This is Reference Points: The cheap UK replica Omega Seamaster 300 watches.

When we thought about putting this one together, our minds almost immediately went to one the most well-known names –heck, sub-brands – in all of top Omega fake watches: The Seamaster. We have previously done a Reference Points on the Speedmaster, but Seamaster is another beast entirely. Much like the RO, it has come to define more a universe of watch ranges than a reference unto itself and so we sought to distinguish a particular avenue, a particular reference, of perfect replica Omega Seamaster watches from the pack. You might recall we did something similar when it came to the Rolex Daytona with two distinct Reference Points episodes – first on the Paul Newman Daytona, and then our most recent on the “Non-Newman” variety.

We landed on the Swiss movements copy Omega Seamaster 300 watches for Volume 12 because it’s just so very significant to the history of dive watches and tool watches, and it has such a fragmented and wonderful story behind. Born out of 1957 trilogy of models that included the Speedmaster and Railmaster, the Seamaster 300 was not an entirely new, but rather an extension of the existing Seamaster line which had been in existence since 1948 as more of an everyday, field/work watch (despite its name almost screaming for it to be a diver).

The AAA China replica Omega Seamaster 300 watches saw a mid-century lifespan that took it from its launch in ’57 right up to the 1970s before it would be discontinued. During that time it experienced both a civilian and military existence with subtle but important variations in design and functionality. In 2014, Omega would revive the “300” line in a throwback package complete with faux-aging and various vintage-inspired aesthetics but with that added modern touch of liquid metal in the bezel insert. In the years between 1970 and 2014, we, of course, saw the birth of the luxury super clone Omega Seamaster Diver 300m watches, which has gone on to become known as the “Bond Seamaster,” but it was not, and is not a traditional 300.

The 2010s revival of the reference lives on, and is now in its second modern design form as of 2021. This iteration brought with it an aluminum bezel insert and a newly designed sandwich dial. It’s the current standard bearer for the model range which saw a slight update earlier this year when Omega celebrated 75 years of Seamaster introducing blue iterations of every form of Seamaster available today. The high quality replica Omega “Summer Blue” Seamaster 300 watches features a gradient blue dial, closed caseback, and a blue hue to its new ceramic bezel.

It’s undeniable that the vintage 300 range gets the bulk of attention from a collecting standpoint, but the modern versions are paving their own path from wild precious metal stone dials in vibrant colors, to on-screen Bond watches worn by Daniel Craig. In this Reference Points video, we did our best to compile just about every 1:1 Omega Seamaster 300 fake watches we could from across its production run. James Stacey, Rich Fordon, and myself sat down at Hodinkee HQ to break it all down (a special thank you is reserved for Mr. Fordon for his work supporting this story and sourcing just about every watch you see here).

From 1957 through today, with an over four-decade break, the wholesale Omega Seamaster 300 replica watches holds an important place in the annals of dive watch lore. We hope you enjoy this video, an extension of our Reference Points story in Volume 12, on the Omega Seamaster 300.

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